About JR - JR McCurdie Photography

JR McCurdie Photography

Coeur d'alene, Idaho or where ever the road may lead for Commercial, Landscape , and creative portrait photography.

   The earliest picture of JR with a camera in his hand was when he was one and a half years old.  His passion for photography  has never stopped.  His other passion is riding motorcycles.  The combination of the two has only increased his need for travel and to try and capture the beauty that surrounds us all.  His philosophy is "Each time I get on a bike it could be the last thing I do so I had better make sure to appreciate everything I see every day."   He tries to capture that appreciation and share it with  his photographs.

  "My goal is to be able to take scenes that are viewed every day and present them in a way that will help others enjoy their own surroundings."

Available for commission work and I am always willing to travel.

JR at Edinburgh
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